Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 ISAF World Championships

We did it!!!!!! Zach and I have qualified for the 2012 US Olympic Team! How exciting is this?! My brother and I representing our country, sponsors, family, team, and yacht club together at the same venue! This has been a long time coming for us two.....

So, lets go back about a month. I headed off to Colorado Springs and trained at our Olympic Training Center for over two weeks. The gym training was extremely demanding, but I had hopes of being physically prepared for a breezy event in Perth. I gained some weight, increased my strength and improved my endurance. I wanted to be in a mindset for the month of November of doing all that I could to have a good worlds.

The training turned out to be amazing and as it looks right now, I will be spending a few weeks there in the upcoming year. I had a great time with the trainers and being around like minded people. I arrived in Australia in the best shape of my life and mentally ready to take on anything.

Luther and I have discussed certain goals that he wanted me to try out at the event. I had one of the strongest qualifying series that I have ever opened an event in. I was fifth going into the Gold Series. I had a strong opening series in the Gold Fleet when we were on the outer course...then we changed areas. I unfortunately struggled with our new course area. I was not able to figure out the proper tactics and strategy around a rock jetty that was in the area. Our last two races of the Gold Series and Medal Race were on this course. SO, I never got the hang of this area, but my scores from the previous racing were so strong that it enabled me to finish third overall.

Now I am in Sydney, Australia with my family. We are all on cloud 9 because of the qualification for my brother and I. Our plan is to tour around the city then head off to the Barrier Reef. We thought that we should take the opportunity to see the country!

It's time for a much needed break and....yippeeee, I'm so excited for it!

Here are some photos from the Worlds:

Video that shows the team members who have so far qualified for the 2012 US Sailing Olympic Team  (it includes my brother and I)

Interview of me after the Medal Race...sometimes luck is all you need!

Video of a race I won at the 2011 ISAF Worlds

Big news as well! Zach and I have currently made headlines in www.si.com/olympics, Tampa Tribune, www.espn.com/olympics WOW what an honor!

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